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OneofaCork.com is an online gallery displaying many of my latest creations within the medium of recycled wine cork. Here You will learn about the history of wine cork, how and why you should save each natural wine cork you pull, and how you can own one of these intricate acts of historical preservation.

Square "flat cork" Trivet

This trivet will add beauty, wonder, and conversation to your home wether you use it as a bottle coaster to serve and display white wine, or as a table centerpiece awaiting the duty of holding something piping hot.

100% hand crafted in San Francisco CA
from real natural wine corks,
mahogany wood planks and
leather scrap from the cobbler next door.

Approx. 25-35 corks
Size: 6.5" tall, 6.5" wide

Price: $40.00

Wine Cork Coasters

The wine cork Coasters are made from real natural corks which I've prepared with my brand new process of producing a veneer out of the cork. Each set of 4 coasters have been hand-made from scratch. Every coaster offers a different, unique, collection of corks on top, is wrapped in a fine cherry stained pinewood frame and finished with custom cut leather on the bottom of each.

Approx. 30 corks
Size: 3.7" tall, 3.7" wide

Price: $60.00

Cork In The Road

"Cork In The Road" is the piece that re-ignited my interest in wine cork as an art medium. The name "Cork In The Road" is a play on, the expression "A fork in the road". Cultures and societies constantly reach forks in the road and take them. One fork in the road that is particularly close to my art is the transition from natural corks to plastic. The natural wine cork is a beautiful, mysteriously durable material that is impossible not to adore when touched, tumbled through your fingers, or admired up close by the naked eye. More and more frequently we see this tiny, however timeless, memento of each wine occasion being replaced by a sterile, man-made, hyper-colored, synthetic plastic substitute that is in a word forgettable. But whether forgotten or not the plastic wine cork is not doing us any favors where sustainability is concerned. This piece was conceived as statement that the natural wine cork should be preserved. What better image to convey this thought than a vessel of preservation itself.

Approx. 3,500 corks
Size: 72" tall, 34" wide


Stain Doe

Don't try to label this beauty. She sings an aria with feminine zeal in a chorus of unknown pasts. There are no labels logos or titles on these corks. From sandy Yellows to oxidizing blues she monuments the memories of those people, tastes, smells, experiences, and moments to which we cannot match an exact place, time, name or reason but which remain permanent; etched on and in us till the end.

Approx. 670 corks
Size: 37" tall, 13" wide



This tower of steel wire and used wine corks displays surprising strength while conjuring up images of architecture and the engineering wonders of modern skyscrapers. This piece functions as a lamp employing a series of tiny incandescent light bulbs. Send me an email for a photo of the piece displayed with lights.

Approx. 1,800 corks
Size: 63.5" tall, 12.5" wide



A crisp brick construction style contoured to an elegant body line that suggests a maternal nature.

Vada remains an attractive form to which inquisitive hands are instinctively drawn.

Approx. 1200 corks
Size: 40" tall, 18" wide



Bronley is constructed in three spiraling rows which begin at the base and climb each other to converge on themselves at the neck. At just under 4 ft tall Bronley stands as one of my most sturdy and rugged creations.

Approx. 1500 corks
Size: 44.5" tall, 25" wide



Anthony peeks from behind the piano bench or around the corner of the hallway to see if anyone is paying attention. Wheathere they're looking or not he'll remain content peacfully studying the room.

Approx. 400 corks
Size: 25" tall, 14.5" wide


Barrel of Corks

Reminiscent of a cookie jar I once knew, this piece depicts the silhouette of an old wooden barrel.

Fittingly this piece was commissioned to house the future accumulation of wine corks.

Approx. 225 corks
Size: 14.5" tall, 8" wide



Pawn twists ever so slightly, is covered with a dark wax Stain. The corks used for this piece do not have printing or symbols on them making the rich dark color and high gloss sheen the star of the show.

Approx. corks
Size: 25" tall, 10" wide



Jarvis wants to remind you of an aincient terra cotta water pitcher.

A round latice work of wine corks and wire that adds a vacuous din of servitude that sends you back to ancient Rome. Any environment becomes a Coliseum.

Approx. 550 corks
Size: 38" tall, 14" wide



Spirah takes your eye on a clockwise journey up the length of a slender body pausing only to appreciate the ribs and shoulders on your way to a neck and crown that beg to be gripped.

Hundreds of wine stained corks are intersecting at individually mitered junctions making this piece a delicate collection of clean lines arranged along converging curves.

Approx. 675 corks
Size: 37" tall, 12" wide



East is a modest piece that proudly earns it's attention by adhering to a sharp look of balance and precision from any angle.

Stained (light wax finish)

Approx. 440 corks
Size: 30" tall, 11" wide



At first glance, ROOK's spiral brick pattern sometimes gives the impression of old world basketry.

Wine corks with brand logos or dates printed on the the flat circular sides are displayed facing out to take advantage of artwork which often goes uncelebrated by wine cork artisens.

Approx. 900 corks
Size: 37.5" tall, 13" wide



Her construction style gives the impression of having been woven.

And Her classic body line welcomes your touch.

Approx. 450 corks
Size: 31.5" tall, 10" wide



Erin is comprised of flesh tone wine corks which do not display any company labels.

The variations in red wine stains adorne her with a beauty all her own.

Approx. 375 corks
Size: 28.5" tall, 9.5" wide



Many varieties of cultivated rhubarb are grown for eating.
A popular compliment to rhubarb is the common strawberry.

Approx. 430 corks
Size: 23" tall, 9" wide



Tubs is a simple piece.
A golden oak wood-stain clings to it's irregular, ill calculated, and inconsistent exterior.

Stained (dark wax finish).

Approx. 200 corks
Size: 12" tall, 10.5" wide


Twisted Bricks

Twisted bricks makes a spectacle of what would otherwise make a sad pile of composite corks.

Composite corks are produced by compressing lots of tiny bits of milled cork stalk into uniform molds of the classic wine cork shape and bonding them together with a synthetic polymer wich (allegedly) doesn't have any effect on the taste of the wine it is botteling.

Approx. 300 corks
Size: 20" tall, 7.5" wide


Zig Zag

Display your own taste in wine.

ZigZag is the perfect way for you to care for or continue your own wine cork collection. ZigZag is a handsome addition to any workplace or corporate environment where one might indulge in the occasional drink on the job. You might even defend the occasional workplace drink with the reasoning that you are helping collect corks for historical preservation.

Approx. 225 corks
Size: 16" tall, 8" wide



Congruent descending spirals layer around one another to creat a simple but seductively curious pattern. You'll enjoy tracing each row back and forth with your fingers.

Approx. 220 corks
Size: 16.5" tall, 7" wide


Big Shot

On a forty-five degree slant these bricks are far from unstable. Each branded brick boasts and begs for appreciation. A real head turner!

Approx. 150 corks
Size: 12" tall, 9.9" wide


Le Courk Eiffel

Le Courk Eiffel started it all.

I stood at the edge of the curb for the light to change when a friend of mine who owned the restaurant we were facing arbitrarily asked. "steve I gotta lota wine corks in the kitchen and the back and I'm askin' all the staff what we should do with 'em you got any ideas?"

"I'd make an Eiffel Tower!?"
I said in a quick blurb like it might have been obvious.
"Great!" he said after a brief silent stare.
We both stepped off the curb simultaneously.
"Their Yours!" He pronounced decidedly.
I didn't know what had really just happened. but somehow I had just received the short term duty of collecting his collection. His collection consisted of six large wine cases filled and overflowing with wine and champagne corks. I picked them up soon after and went to work.

After exhibiting Le Courk Eiffel at the Ventura County Fair and taking home every prize there was, It sold to a Woman who loved it so much. She later had it shipped to Panama when she moved.

Approx. 4,425 corks
Size: 96" tall, 9" wide


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